Mother’s Day Concert & Dinner – Lotus Wight

Mother’s Day Concert & Dinner – Lotus Wight

We are switching things up a little for Mother's Day this year with some live music! Lotus Wight is going to be traveling through our area that weekend and we did not want to miss him!

Dinner with the Artist and Concert – $45 plus HST. Dinner served at 6pm
Concert Only – $20 plus HST. Concert starts at 7:30pm.

Lotus Wight is a solo performer, vocal stylist, and scholar of antiquity. Wight performs with astonishing virtuosity on banjo, guitar, jaw harp and instruments of his own invention including the contrabass harmoniphoneum. Lotus has performed in Copenhagen, The Shetland Islands, Istanbul and Guelph, Ontario.

In the decades that book-ended the turn of the millennium, young Lotus worked as a member of an itinerant square dance band, garnering invaluable experience touring the Eastern and Southern United States; now he would play, learn and perform with all manner of folk musicians in the styles over which he had obsessed as a child. Wight was at home in a cohort of fiddlers, banjo players, singers, dance callers, folk artists, longshoremen, riverboat captains, blacksmiths, basket-weavers and instrument makers.

 At our Mother’s Day concert, Wight will share his musical background, and introduce us to a variety of traditional music instruments that have their heart in American folk music.  His presentation and musical talent will educate and delight all of us, including a few songs in celebration of Mother’s!

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